Christoph Tisch
Creative Director & Designer
Christoph always was creative and inspired. When he was just 8 years old he created his first animated cartoon short movies. Drawing was one of his biggest hobbies. At the age of 14 his first website went live. 
Design was always an important part of his life and spent a lot of time in artworks, websites and he got his first jobs with well known companies. 
In 2001 he founded the advertising agency perfectborn focused on graphic and web design. Some years later he worked for known brands in the fashion and fitness industry and got a range of know-how. 
Today he has his own fashion labels, but is still designing for other companies with perfectborn. He is also known for new artful fashion finishing techniques.
In 2016, Christoph founded A&CT, the new home for the brands EPANDOR, Embition, LABELCT and the agency perfectborn.
Since 20 years Christoph works as designer. He has designed for small and large international companies and worked for well-known personalities and influential brands.
In the last years he collected a lot experience and knowledge about Logo Design, Branding, Packaging, responsive Web and much more. His focus is on the lifestyle, sports, fitness, fashion, music and event industry.
Christoph got his first experience in professional packaging design in 2005 when he was under contract at SK Gaming as Marketing Assistant and was responsible for the design of the Razer Copperhead "SK Gaming Edition", among other things. Today his packaging designs can be found in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food supplements and lifestyle products.
Christoph's graphic designs can often be found at fitness and fashion trade fairs and events. Some designed ads are printed in well-known magazines like Men's Health Muscle and FLEX.
Furthermore, Christoph created logos for various famous brands and personalities.
From Team to Brand
From Brand to Family
From Team to Brand - From Brand to Family
In 2004 Christoph Tisch founded EPANDOR, as an award-winning eSport team. From the beginning he had the vision to make more under this brand name. Unique shirts, just cool products. One year later, the first collection came online. Nothing special but the brand had time to get a new identity - as a fashion brand. The goal of the label was to catch people's eye with special features. Instead of big prints, the brand started using patterns, claims and slogans in the form of synthetic leather applications. Today EPANDOR has its own sub brand Embition and is the main brand of A&CT.
Embition was founded to bring fashion into the world of fitness. Beside its classic styled yoga and gym wear, very fancy and special look is the face of this sub brand. In 2018, the good performance of the fashion sportswear was shown on TV.
A web store and other projects are in the pipeline.
Forward thinking - Forward moving
Christoph is a fan of forward moving technologies. He wants to make one claim to mission: Sustainability is a part of Quality - Sustainable as possible. 
Working seamlessly between the studio and production makes a big thing possible. Seamless work between the design studio and production, as well as the sale of products directly from the manufacturer, enables A&CT to offer products even more sustainably, but at a fair price. 
Special services such as tailor-made clothing or private label projects as well as our own recycling program are an important innovation for the next few years.
At the A&CT Studio Lab, Christoph is working on very special techniques e.g. real gold prints, leather designs, spraying looks and very unusual vintage looks.
Christoph is the creator of the T&Leather technology. 
A technique which combines fabric with synthetic leather. Logos, slogans and patterns in the form of leather. Seamless on fabric. Many called this technology as a revolution in the fashion industry.
A special technique was developed to give the leather applications a lasting hold on fabric without affecting wearing comfort. Due to the fact that leather on T-shirts was still rather uncommon at this time.
More informations about coming projects and works - soon.